tattoos and piercings

I’ve thought about getting a tattoo before but I’ve never really felt like it fit. It’s not that I’m afraid of the pain (on the contrary, I enjoy the feeling of pain and the adrenalin that accompanies it) or that I think tattoos are ugly. I think tattoos have the capacity to be beautiful, important, and lovely. I’ve just never felt the pull to have one myself. If I had to place bets, though, I’d put my money on having one or two before I die. One of my absolute favorite things in the world is having new experiences, and as an artist I’d be happy to have a tattoo of my own design.

A phoenix tattoo! Photocredit Unknown

Anj has a great tattoo – a dotted line ending with a tiny scissor symbol along her conjoined toes. One of my school friends has a growing collection of fantastical and dark images bending and twisting into each other that pretty much just blows me away every time I see it. Pax has a tattoo that he got in Hawaii when he turned 50. It’s a symbolic representation of his son’s name on the inner side of his left arm. He got it touched up at Hand of Glory yesterday and I fantasized about joining him.

I did recently get pierced, though. About a month and a half ago I got both my nipples and my clitoral hood pierced. I’ve always wanted to get my nipples pierced, since the first time I saw nipple piercings. They just look awesome!

Photocredit Wikicommons

I love my breasts but when they stopped growing (sometime in middle school) my nipples lost most of their sensation. In the past I’ve had to coach new lovers to use a lot more pressure when playing with them. The piercings make my nipples much more sensitive, almost painfully so. Almost.

The hood piercing was a bit of an afterthought. As I first started to research nipple piercing aftercare online I stumbled upon an article about hood piercing which was talking about all the benefits of sensation and the surprisingly short healing time. I decided that it was something that I wanted to do and a couple days later I was waddling around like a duck.

The first night was the worst – I didn’t take any pain killers and it was hard to get comfortable enough to sleep. Over the first month my nipple piercings became pretty much second nature. I’m accustomed to their tingling when I pull on a shirt or brush them with my arm. To the brief pain when I brush against a door frame accidentally. I’m enjoying the newfound pleasure and sensation – almost like my nipples just woke up! But my hood piercing just got more and more annoying. I stopped waddling after about a week but sex wasn’t the same. And neither was anything else. The way vertical hood piercings are designed, they constantly rub against your clit. Mine started to get desensitized and it was constantly driving me crazy. I finally decided to take it out and I felt immediately relieved. It was fun for a while and if I had never decided to do it I wouldn’t have had the awesome experiences that I did (sex in particular becomes different and more intense). But I’m glad I took it out.

Admittedly, I could go pretty crazy with the piercings if I had the money. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t.

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